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Former Residence of Mandarin Sheng Xuan Huai

Built in 1900, the Former Residence of Mandarin Sheng Xuan Huai locating on No. 1517, Middle Huaihai Road is one of the excellent modern buildings in Shanghai (Historical Buildings under Municipal Protection).

This building is a garden house of neoclassical style. It is a three-storey building of the brick-wood structure, which consists of a main building and the wing. The main entrance door faces southwards, and in front of it, there is the entrance hall with double posts on either side. Inside the door, there would be the parlor, besides which there is an alternative stair well. With the canopy of colorful glasses, both the parlor and bedrooms upstairs are decorated by using teakwood. In front of the house, there is a foundation built by laying marble, and there are a lawn and rockeries on the south side. Meanwhile, flowers and trees are planted to both sides of the house, making the overall environment very beautiful. Originally, there were big gardens around this luxurious house, while its lawn covered a large area as well. During the Anti-Japanese war, a part of gardens were purchased by Japanese to build the Shanghai Xincun. In1970s, a part of this garden on the south side, including the marble fountain and sculpture in this fountain, were altogether incorporated into the nursery of Shanghai Xincun Xufang Afforestation Co., Ltd.

There were once two tales about this forgotten sculpture in this fountain: one was told that Mandarin Sheng’s nearly 21-years-old grand-daughter, Ming Yu died here of illness, and Sheng Chong Yi (Mandarin Sheng’s fifth son) was greatly grieved over her death. Later, he ordered people to erect a sculpture of little girl in suspender skirt, in memory of his daughter. Another tale was that the youngest daughter of the original owner was playing around the pool, but fell into the pool in order to chase a ball and was drowned. Her father was so sorrowful and heart-broken that he erected a sculpture of little girl holding a ball in the pool, in memory of his beloved daughter.

This luxurious house was originally the household of a certain German, and later, became the residence of Mandarin Sheng Xuan Huai, who was then the deputy minister of Dalishi Temple (Court of Judicial Review), the minister of postal department and initiator of Shanghai Nanyang High school (i.e. the subsequent Shanghai Jiaotong University). In 1933, Duan Qirui, who had once acted as the Premier of Northern Warlord Government, came to Shanghai from Tianjin, and indwelt in this garden house for the last three years in his life, and during that period, Chiang Kai-Shek came here to visit him. After the Liberation, this building was once the domicile of the Shanghai Municipal Higher Education Bureau, and after diplomatic relations were established between China and Japan, it was once leased to the Consulate General of Japan in Shanghai.